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  • torbjoern
    May 6, 06:15 AM
    It probably depends on the specifics of the network you want to build, but overall, I always found it ridiculously easy to build a Mac OS network than a Windows one.
    You may want to provide specific examples on how networking in OS X is 'insanely hard' as compared to Windows.

    Even under Linux, it's easier than in Windows.

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  • TwinCities Dan
    Mar 13, 02:19 PM
    VZW iPhone here as well, everything is fine. :rolleyes:

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    Nov 14, 07:18 PM
    From Potus:"Charles Carroll, a devout Roman Catholic, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.:rolleyes"

    Arggghhhh... I missed that day in class. Not really. I did forget, though. Don't know how I forgot... he was a fairly famous guy. The nuns would be so mad at me!

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  • MacPhilosopher
    Apr 16, 04:44 PM
    Yea unless he's awarded another Pulitzer that is... :rolleyes:

    Apple is really disgusting me with this $#*(%&*( behavior. They really need to completely reevaluate their criteria and make it CRYSTAL EFFING CLEAR what IS and was IS NOT acceptable and then stand by it. None of this 'reject Google Voice because it duplicates functionality' and then 'approve the Opera web browser'. Reject an APP because it 'ridicules public figures' and then plead that the author to resubmit it once he's awarded a Pulitzer...

    This wishy washy crap is really showing everyone just how UNDERHANDED they treat the whole process.

    They certainly need to do better, but there is no such thing as "crystal effing clear" in the censorship of media content. They will never make all sides happy. They at least need to keep in line with their history as a company that promotes "Think Different" in their PR. Suppressing ideas and creativity certainly doesn't fall under that flag.


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  • SkippyThorson
    Jan 9, 07:48 AM
    Should be in:

    Settings > Notifications > Facebook

    Although I still get NO notifications no matter what, so I can't guarantee that'll work :(

    Agreed. I still get no badges on my eBay app, though the sounds and message work just fine. No guarantee that all the options in Settings < Push Notifications will work.

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  • vartanarsen
    Apr 19, 08:25 PM
    anyone know how to get multi touch gestures with 4.3.2 on my ipad ?

    You need to have a Macboook or imac. Go to app store. Buy. Xcode for $5. Install. Hook up iPad. Bring up xcode. It will detect iPad. Click "use for development" then just use your apple id credentials. Finally go to ipad dsettings and click on yes for multitasking getures.


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  • Laird Knox
    Mar 3, 09:48 PM
    A nice contrast of warm and cold colors. The diagonal framing is severe enough to look deliberate and works well with the surreal lighting. If you were to take another whack at it, you might consider placing an object or a person in a window or in the doorway to serve as a focal point. As it is, there isn't really one place in the frame that serves as the primary visual pay-off or subject of the image. Also, you might try an exposure that gives you some more range of tonality, since the blacks are really crushed here, and they occupy large areas of the frame.

    Of the three shots I got off that night this was the best one in my opinion. The others just had too much light. Although they didn't have nearly the black fields of this shot (other shots ( I have printed this out at 20x30 for somebody and really liked the enlargement.

    I get your suggestioin about a focal point. That brings up some interesting questions about how to light it. It would have to be very deliberate so as not to spill into the red and blue. As it was I ran around in the dark with a flashlight to light the scene. The total exposure time was 66.7 seconds. :) Perhaps even a faint image of somebody sitting in the foreground. Maybe even a ghostly figure -- only in the frame temporarily so that the cabin bleeds through.

    I shot fully open at f-1.4 (it was a dark night). There really wasn't anything of interest in the black areas. That's not to say I couldn't stage anything. The biggest challenge was that I was in a "day use only" area and was worried the park ranger was going to run me off at any moment. My biggest complaint is that they reds are blown out in the right hand window.

    The location is only about 45 minutes away. Perhaps I'll give it another go sometime. I've added some strobes and remote triggers to my kit since then. Although I do like the uneven lighting from the flashlight. The way the blue streaks it make me think of an underwater scene.

    Thanks for the comments. You definitely made me look at the image again in a different "light." ;)

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  • pacmania1982
    Apr 2, 04:38 AM
    I put �20 in the car yesterday, and paid �1.31.9 per liter. Working that out with the exchange rate, I'm paying about $7.75 per US gallon. It currently costs me about �50 ($78) to fill my tank, and I get about 300 miles out of it. I do ~250 miles a week.



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  • MacBandit
    Sep 15, 12:16 PM
    Originally posted by scem0

    I dont see how anyone can say this when I can get a 2.8 GHz custom built speed-demon for 1,300 after shopping around, and I cant get **** from apple for 1,300. Well I could get something, but nothing that compares speed-wise to the pentium 4.

    Does this include everything that comes standard on a Mac box?

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  • grantsdale
    Jul 20, 12:18 PM
    Bah, why do people bump old threads?


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  • bluebomberman
    Feb 28, 01:24 AM
    Single source hardware is an asset to server reliability, not a detriment. Compare linux uptimes to AIX, Solaris, or HPUX, and there's no contest. Having 1 company on the hook for everything helps make things run way more smoothly. The trend towards linux in the data center is a detriment that mirrors wall street, with short term costs overruling long term benefit.

    That's debatable. Apple's reputation in business/enterprise support has never been stellar. Meanwhile, Google literally Velcro together their server farms, using cheap hardware that is vulnerable to failure at single points but is collectively resilient and efficient.

    These are extreme ends of the spectrum that I'm using as examples, though.

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  • noahtk
    Apr 5, 04:50 PM
    Apple should've held out on the refresh to include USB 3 and even HDMI. Thunderbolt and the is currently useless.


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  • kingtj
    Nov 2, 11:43 AM
    Absolutely ... and in all honesty, I think many had good reason to become "Mac haters" too. I was a hard-core PC user back in 1996 or 97, when I decided to take the plunge and try a Mac. (Wondered what all the fuss was about, and wanted to learn something new.) I bought a whole Performa tower system with color printer, etc. I think I put up with that for a whole 3 months before gladly selling it at a loss to someone else! Gag... non-upgradeable video with too little VRAM, worse multitasking under MacOS 8.x than my Windows PC before it had, etc.

    It wasn't until I saw OS X on a G4 tower that I gave Apple another chance. And now, today, it's almost all I use at home!

    Truthfully though, Apple still needs to do more. The Mac Pro is single-handedly changing the opinions of quite a few PC users who kept arguing that you could simply get more performance out of a Windows PC than a Mac. (It's hard to argue with a quad-core Xeon that can be upgraded to an 8-core version with a CPU swap, and costs less than a comparable Dell system.) And offering a 24" LCD iMac is a good "power user" move too - since it silences the people who whine about all-in-one designs, mainly because they can't get a big display with one.

    But IMHO, Apple is a little weak in the video card dept. still. The Mac Mini now costs $100-200 more than it did when it came out, and you still get wimpy, non-upgradeable graphics in it. The Core Duo 2 CPU in one *really* starts to make that look lopsided. Even the iMacs could use something like Radeon X1900XT's in them - because the home market they target includes a lot of teens who want to play games on the computer.

    And I'm *really* hoping they start doing more to get software ported to OS X. The ability to boot into Windows shouldn't become an excuse for developers not to make native OS X versions of software. I barely ever boot into XP on my Mac Pro because I like the OS X environment so much better. So the games I tend to play on it are the ones like "Call of Duty 2" I have for OS X.

    It's sad though, many people still hate macs. People who have not used one since the old OS 8 / OS 9 days. The 'only one-mouse button / expensive / can't run any programs' image still tarnishes apple. It might take another couple of years for that to wear off from people. At least.

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  • Aldaris
    Apr 30, 02:07 PM
    So you'd recommend the PC version over the MAC??



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  • Peacemaker
    Apr 23, 07:11 AM
    I think most people that show hatred to sandy bridge CPU are owners of late 2010 MBA. Bias imo.

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  • Gondry
    Oct 26, 02:10 PM
    Amazed to see the queue down the street and round the corner, joined it at 6.30pm fortunately it moved fast and was out the door with my copy within 20 minutes. Would have been quicker if I'd known about the upstairs!


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  • itcheroni
    Apr 3, 07:37 PM
    The article states that tax cuts have not worked. They seem to be basing that claim on the fact that the states have not seen improvement in their economies after the tax cuts. That is not the correct metric with which to judge the effectiveness of any policy. The question should be whether the economy would have been even worse without the tax cuts. The article does not address this.

    I've lived virtually my whole life in California and have no clue what you're talking about.

    Perhaps you can source that.

    As for balance, I'm a big believer in it. In my opinion an "balanced" solution includes tax increases as well as government cuts. Unfortunately, the republicans have fought tooth and nail against tax increases and have tried to balance a 26 billion dollar deficit with cuts. If only they embraced the notion of "balance". :rolleyes:

    I believe California has one of the highest income tax rates at over 9% for people making over mid-40k. And California has one of the highest sales tax, at 9.75% where I am. And despite this, California has one of the worst budget deficits and some of the most regulations.

    Coincidentally, I've been toying with moving to either Washington or Texas and I've finally decided that it's time. For the cost of taxes in California, I could pay my rent in Washington or Texas for the entire year. And I can't think of one thing the California state government provides that the Washington state government doesn't that I would really miss.

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  • MattSepeta
    Apr 12, 03:01 PM
    Ummm...sounds like something al sharpton would say. That's a load of crap. What do you mean they don't have the power to? We're not talking about racism coming from the government, which is predominantly white in the US. We're talking about, for example, say black people are dining in a restaurant, and they have an issue with white people. They leave their white waitress a horrible tip just because they figure "oh well, her ancestors may have held ours as slaves, so i don't feel bad leaving her a bad tip". To say it's impossible for those who have been oppressed to be racist is laughable. Blacks can be just as racist and vile as whites.

    Not sure what you mean. Elaborate?

    This (

    As for what I meant- I am trying to illustrate how silly and unrealistic and inherently flawed "anti-discrimination" laws are. Lets say I do not hire a guy because he is black. That is my ONLY reason. HOW is that any different than not hiring a guy because he is not intelligent? He can't help his intelligence, it was passed on to him from his parents.

    That being said, I think it is stupid and small to practice bigotry, but I think it is equally stupid to legislate against it. It is like trying to legislate against icebergs. It's going to happen. I don't even want to get into the issue of "proving" discrimination. What a mess.

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  • Apple OC
    May 2, 07:54 PM
    Genetic tests for identification usually take up to 5-10 days, but usually more than 2. Technology. heh.

    on a mission like this ... you bring the "Lab" with you

    Feb 28, 07:17 PM
    Xgrid and Xsan

    Oct 26, 05:10 PM
    Instead of coming out with new applications, I would prefer that Adobe put more of an effort into developing an Intel-Mac version of PhotoShop just a bit sooner than Spring of 2007. I've been delaying buying a new Mac until the new CS3 is available. :confused: Doesn't make much sense to buy a new computer, when the application that you use the most runs better on the old one!

    Apr 19, 10:11 AM
    I don't think this is real. If this was a "prototype" why would it have XX GB on the back. None of the OEM iPhone 4's have any storage indication markings on the outside. So why would the XX be on the case?

    If you ask me, its customized with aftermarket white glass (that you can buy from china, in white, pink, blue, black, green, etc).

    In fact, after looking closer at the video. The back of the case appears to be a shiny or clear-coat plastic, and not glass. Furthermore, there appears to be a separation or gap along the bottom edge of the phone on the back of the device. Supporting that it is a poor seal from an aftermarket replacement of a black iphone 4's glass with a replica white piece. Such a gap would NOT exist if this was released by apple or exist in a prototype.

    Aug 19, 02:37 PM
    Just had another update 3.2.1, still doesn't work.

    Dec 27, 08:03 PM
    Why would that make more sense with one city?

    Same reason most online stores don't ship to Nigeria.

    If statistics show problem online fraud areas in a much higher percentage than other cities, it makes sense to temporarily curb it.

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