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  • 0815
    Apr 26, 07:11 AM
    hes obvs talking about non physical distribution (hint: broadband). using a usb stick is just as "dumb" as using a disc, its still physical media, whats the difference if u plug in a usb stick or use a disc which is cheaper to produce ...

    The difference is that the DVD drive is a relict from the last century. No need to put this big mechanical noisy space wasting thing in any new machine. The USB stick is for those who can't download for whatever reason. I have not used the DVD drive in years - still all my machines have this thing in it. I dare to say that the majority of users don't need a DVD drive - and for those that need one, they should have the option to get an optional one on new machines, but no need to have it by default in every new machine.

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  • bug67
    Nov 17, 04:42 PM
    Pretty cool that some kid can take initiative and do what Apple apparently cannot.

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  • macphoria
    Nov 5, 10:00 AM
    It's not going to happen. It would steal sales away from the MacBook Pro, and the cost would be minimal between the two.

    I agree. As much as I would like to see a MacBook with dedicated graphics card, that's not going to happen.

    As far as I can understand, integrated graphics card provides decent graphics performance at a lower cost. Ideal solution for consumer level laptop like MacBook.

    Also, I remember reading somewhere that AMD may be working with ATI to create one solution chip, that combines CPU and GPU (please correct me if I'm mistaken) in order to make efficient and cost-effective chip. If that's the case, Intel is probably working on something similar. I wonder if these integrated graphics card is transitional process to CPU/GPU combination chip?

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  • Tymmz
    Oct 16, 06:53 PM

    ..... you do know the name of the website where you are reading / posting? This may give you some indication as to whether or not you will be exposed to rumor - mongering.


    You are absolutely right. But Page 2 please.


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  • robbieduncan
    Mar 28, 04:51 PM
    ^^^^ This.

    Is not true: a 50mm EF lens and a 50mm EF-s lens will have the same focal length and field of view on a crop camera.

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  • redeye be
    Jun 2, 03:09 AM
    I first thought this whole Folding thing had to do with laundry.
    Once they've learnt enough i guess they would be able to use the knowledge in other fields of science, maybe even the cleaning sciences if you find this more important than the health aspect.

    So you were seriously interseted in a widget about folding laundry?
    :p :D ;)


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  • ComputersaysNo
    Mar 17, 04:42 AM
    I was in Oman two weeks ago, and the gasprice was 0,28 dollarcent per liter...

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  • djdole
    Nov 6, 02:44 PM
    From 1 party to anyone and everyone, your neighbor, elevator, cash register. Anyone with ability to scan rfid know you. That is like shouting out who, what you are all the time 24/7. That is just information pollution.

    This is NOTHING NEW.
    Many of your credit cards already do this. Passports and enhanced licenses (as the post points out, if you bothered to read it) already do this.
    Why get your panties in a bunch just because Apple may be considering doing the same?

    Besides, your use of the term 'information pollution' is quite inaccurate and inappropriate.
    Nothing is being polluted. When you walk by an area your information isn't still there an hour later.
    Additionally, the VAST MAJORITY of RFID devices are PASSIVE, meaning they don't actively transmit ANY information but must be activated by a nearby reader to even be capable of being read.
    Think of it like as if you were just walking down the street. You know your name, but you're not telling anyone. The only way anyone can get that info is if they ask you your name (granted in this scenario you MUST tell them if asked) but you're not just repeating it aloud ALL THE TIME.

    Do you also consider it information pollution when every time ANYONE (including yourself) speak? O_o

    All tin-foil hats and irrational fears of 'big brother' are unnecessary, and a waste of your valuable time. ;-)


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  • Master-D
    Mar 14, 03:34 PM
    Nice one! :)

    Thanks. I found out my D700 & 70-200mm VR ii is indeed weather proof at this match. Not much fun getting such an expensive toy wet for the first time, but nice to know it works.

    This was a pretty unusual opportunity. I find you end up taking a lot of similar pictures at these games, so when you have an interesting setting with the mud, and the interesting contrast of the new player, it's a rare and nice opportunity. Happened fast though, his team mates had covered him with hand prints in seconds.

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  • redscull
    Apr 5, 12:13 PM
    the iPad will be for normal people when you don't have the sync it.

    all this syncing ********* needs to stop.

    I shouldn't need another computer to use my iPad.

    Makes no sense at all.
    This is the primary design flaw with the iPad. This tablet can't be the normal person's computer unless every normal person has a tech friend/relative to keep the tablet working/updated. So while Woz is correct that the tablet will be the normal person's computer, Apple's iPad is not yet that tablet.


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  • fun173
    Mar 21, 09:40 PM
    The vocals are completely missing highs and lows...

    And I did not hear any auto-tuning... What gives?

    Were kinda doing it ghetto lol, we only used garage band but when we re-record ill try to use auto tune. tbh, i had no idea what it was before your comment so thank you :D

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  • shartypants
    Apr 14, 06:47 PM
    Is this a good thing? He's been corrupted already :)


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  • Natesac
    Mar 11, 01:53 PM
    By the sounds of it if you show up to willow bend this afternoon you will find out if you can get the model you want. They are keeping good tabs on the line.

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  • ctsoxfan
    May 2, 03:22 PM
    Thanks for the tip on this game - just downloaded it as well.


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  • CanadaRAM
    Sep 17, 04:59 PM
    I still don't get how everyone is saying that a glance of eye-contact is "expressing interest", it happens all the time in a lot of different places, one can hardly help it. merchandise or something....this is getting difficult, all just to shop

    Based on results Bro' -- whatever it was that she thinks you communicated to her during that 2 seconds caused her to make herself scarce from your vicinity (and you stuck around a while to see if it wasn't just she went back to bring some stock out, right? Face it - you WERE interested.)

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  • rhett7660
    Mar 24, 02:50 PM
    Crap... that is a freaking steel and well there just went the resell value of everyone's first gen iPad, including me. Oh well.


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  • Short-Friend-Quotes; Best

  • cybrscot
    Apr 1, 10:55 AM
    I think this is an April Fools joke too gang! It's the list of new channels that they added which gives it away.....they are terrible! Jewelry TV?? What the....????

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  • bushido
    Apr 16, 02:29 PM
    Neither do I, weird.

    i wonder why that is :P

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  • msb3079
    Apr 5, 10:34 AM
    Have you ever gone to move your finger across the trackpad and find that it registered it as a tap instead? Drives me nuts.

    Nope. Never.

    Mar 11, 05:32 AM
    At University now, I believe I'm number 5 or 6.

    Nov 14, 11:10 AM
    I guess this means no TRUE VIDEO iPOD before Christmas. That is a let down.

    Oct 9, 04:10 PM
    Maybe it's just me, (and maybe this has been said before) but when I first got my "video capable" iPod, I was downloading music videos left and right. Then as soon as TV shows became available I got hooked on "Lost", "Battlestar Galactica" and more...but I quickly found out that the quality was not that great...

    I still ended up buying the DVD's of the shows that I really liked, and for those movies that I want on my iPod (for travel purposes) I simply convert them to iPod format, the quality is far better than anything you can download.

    Downloading may be convenient, but I will still run to the store for a hardcopy.

    And I agree with some earlier comments, once the HD/Blu-Ray war is over and the dust settles, I will begin rebuilding my video library with the winning format, because I can't imagine (yet) trying to download those files.

    You're far from alone.

    Apr 24, 06:11 AM
    Longer battery life, backlit keyboard, charcoal case.

    Apr 12, 06:14 PM
    I use Office 2011 too, except for Outlook and HATE the ribbon. I wish there was an option to turn it on and off. It's obnoxious.

    Actually you can turn the ribbon on and off, and you can even modify what appears in the ribbon. Open one of the Office applications, like Word for example, in the top right in-line with the ribbon, you should see a gear icon, click it, a you'll see a drop-down menu, then select "ribbon preferences," from there you'll be able to customize the ribbon, and even turn it off.

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