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  • kaielement
    May 5, 07:30 PM
    Really this is stupid. Think about it buying a mac is like buying a high end sports car and buying a windows machine is like buying a low end junk car. Now don't get me wrong they both get you from point a to point be but let's face it it's funner and sexier to drive the sports car. NO I know fixing the sports car may be more prier but lest face it you really won't need to fix it very often and in most cases you might get comped on the repairs. Now the low end car over time will need to get fixed and I know it may be cheaper but all the little stuff adds up. I am just saying.

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  • nateo200
    Feb 26, 09:16 PM
    Here we go kids!! Expect lot's of grandstanding and some real knee jerk legislation cause this IS the year to gear up for the big election. I wish someone would inform people that it's their responsibility to be informed consumers AND parents. My kid racked up $380 in cell downloads in one month. I didn't need my senator to step in. I took away her phone for a month, blocked her ability to purchase ANYTHING on it, and worked out the bill with my provider (AT&T) who practically wiped it all away. This is just going to burden us with more laws and subsequently, more taxes in the form of direct taxation of products, indirect taxes by way of price hikes due to a rise in business tax, or BOTH.

    Wow some semi-competent parenting here quality bravo that's something America needs more widespread these days, well at least around here. Break your iPhone? No problem dady's an Anesthesiologist mom's a lawyer just by you a new one! Crash your birthday gift an Audi S4 into a telephone pole while screwing around? No problem momy's best friends with the town judge! (yes true stories). Ranting aside this is so rediculous. This would be like if the FCC was called in to monitor how files are transfered around my home network, aka something pity that should be left to these things we call parents. BTW putting a credit card into a kids iPhone is the dumbest idea in the world. You can teach them the value of a dollar if instead you give them an iTunes card and tell them its the only one there getting for X amount of time.

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  • s.hasan546
    Apr 9, 03:53 PM
    Trafficking is a felony any way you look at it. So the 130,000 will pass on to his attorney's hands. In the end they all get caught.

    it's not trafficking. Its importing merchandise that you legally purchase from a foreign company. There MIGHT be patent infringement; etc. But you can read my above comment on how easily that could be dealt with. Attorney fees would not be $130k. you guys are dreaming. And notice there were no lawsuits filed. Just a "PI"

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  • AdrianK
    Apr 24, 05:08 PM
    Hasn't this worked since the conception of SBS? Which is 2.x AFAICR.


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  • Markleshark
    Aug 28, 05:20 AM
    No it won't convert the PC fanboys or the increasingly popular 'I can be offended quicker than you can' crowd but I really doubt those are the target audience. The ads are humorous and hit exactly the kind of audience from which 'switchers' come from - those dissatisfied with their PC experience.

    Apple isn't trying to take over the entire computer market - way too many people you wouldn't want as customers in that crowd. Just getting the kind that do find the commercials humorous and 'on the mark' with the added controversy the commercials themselves spawn is probably more than enough. Look at this thread - if I'd were leaning towards Macs and ran into the PC sourpusses here I'd get one just to provoke them further. Humorless people need to be taunted and provoked at every opportunity - they will either grow or explode, both steps up.

    I'm glad I wasnt the only one thinking like that. But its weird how Bob's comment was almost passed by, maybe because its not what people wanted to hear? Everyone here isnt a part of the 'I can be offended quicker than you can' crowd are they?... I sure hope not.* Personally I think he's hit the nail on the head.

    *No, I wasnt suggesting anyone actually is, but its rather looking that way...

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 22, 12:31 AM
    That is idiotic, there are plenty of low power graphics solutions that blow the doors off Integrated garbage, Almost like saying I hope they use the least expensive cheapist solution they can find that uses no power. A computer is a tool and for you to say 97 % dont need a GPU is a lie. In that case they could be using G3s with rage 128's. More spin from the fan club of crapo graphics. What they should do is offer a option for those people who expect a modern computer to be just that.


    Apple using the integrated GMA950 is a bunch of crap... They just went cheap, it has NOTHING to do with power savings. Even an old Radeon Mobility 9700 would be better. I can't understand why Apple chose to do this seeing how they don't support it with some of their own software (FCP, Motion). They should have at least offered an upgrade option or put the GPU option in the blackbook only or something.


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  • plinx0r
    Jan 6, 04:00 PM
    has anyone tried syncing the contacts yet? i'm curious what information gets pulled down and tied to a contact besides the profile picture and "links."

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  • Kar98
    Apr 12, 09:14 PM
    Interesting random feature: in PowerPoint, if the author's name happens to be French, the spellchecking language is set to French, regardless of the UI and OS language being US English. Bleh.
    Haven't checked with other programs yet.


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  • TheMacBookPro
    Apr 23, 11:28 AM
    Just saw this thread, so I figured I'd share some knowledge (been gaming for 8 years).

    So the reason why people are avoiding these things like the plague is because they STINK. The Intel chipsets ARE more powerful than the NVIDIA 320M, BUT, that doesn't always equal better performance.

    Game developers usually design games on nvidia chipsets (Hence, "Nvidia: The way it's meant to be played) slogan.
    Although the 3000HD shows better specs, it's been proven to perform worse in game. The reason being that the drivers are total rubbish. Until they can improve the drivers, it's a downgrade. But then again.............who in their right mind would try and game with a laptop!? ;)

    :eek: You're joking right?

    I have always gamed on laptops - M17x, M11x, MBP, VAIO Z... list goes on and on. Add the Air to that list now. The 320M is a very capable chip and it can play many modern games at medium settings smoothly.

    The way you describe laptop chipsets makes you sound like you've only ever tried laptop gaming with a GMA500 :p

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  • str1f3
    Dec 28, 05:53 PM
    Nor does it stop people from letting their fingers fly on the keyboard before they know all the facts. :rolleyes:

    LOL, yeah facts�Like you saying The Consumerist was lying for web hits even though AT&T brought out the girl to recant her statement. Or you coming up figures that say 1.2% of all NYers are subject to credit theft and assuming half were so thieves could buy iPhones. Or summizing that this was the real problem only for AT&T to change their policy a day later. LOL, yeah facts�


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  • w0by
    Feb 26, 08:27 AM
    If a parent doesn't want their kid to purchase items on the App store..then they shouldn't be giving their kids UNLIMITED USE OF A CREDIT CARD ONLINE!!! Omg how simple is that? People are RIDICULOUS!!!!!! QUIT blaming other people for being STUPID. My parents would've never given me an ulimited use credit card to put on my online Apple account. GET REAL. Why do people continue to blame everyone else for their problems? Kids are Kids because they need to be monitored, not given a credit card to buy whatever they want, and then the parents getting mad at Apple because they didn't monitor their kids purchases.

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  • minimac
    Mar 24, 05:04 PM
    Just picked up a 16gb in mt. Laurel nj. Guy couldn't believe the price. Sounded like they had a few of each left.


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  • ClassicFitness
    Nov 11, 07:44 AM
    I want more:D

    quotes about trusting. quotes about trusting.
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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 5, 05:58 PM
    Which line in port? Are you talking about the (now removed) line-in on the 30 pin connector (not on iPhone 4) or are you talking about the second ring on the TRRS headphone/mic connector?

    The line-in port on the iMac, Mac Pro, 15" & 17" MBP's and the Mac Mini.


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  • Zadillo
    Oct 26, 10:59 PM
    Works fine in Firefox 2.0 under XP for me, including composing a message (it opens up a new compose window and it works fine).

    This is very nice, very slick. I like it!

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  • Analog Kid
    Nov 21, 09:24 PM
    Maybe the Power Chips (http://www.powerchips.gi/index.shtml) website is more welcoming. Seems like similar technology with a larger potential for energy recovery (70-80%). Hard to believe.

    I dunno-- the dolphin speared by a mining pick was a bit unsettling...


    quotes about trusting. quotes about trusting people.
  • quotes about trusting people.

  • soLoredd
    Aug 19, 05:25 PM
    Well, not working here in Central California but I think the feature is pretty cool. If I had more friends that used Twitter I would use that to broadcast my location. I have several FB friends that are constantly posting about golf courses we've played or vacations etc. This makes it much more streamlined in my opinion.

    edit: nevermind, just started working.

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  • mdelvecchio
    May 3, 04:33 PM
    "You're holding it wrong"

    "You're looking at it wrong."

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  • iMikeT
    Sep 26, 07:31 AM
    I think that Apple is doing a much better effort at protecting its assets. Keep in mind what happened a certain software giant (who's name will be omitted but is known for making a poor rip-off of the Mac operating system) got away with stealing from Apple...:rolleyes:

    Mar 23, 01:48 PM
    One of my favourite features of the Apple TV is the ability to AirPlay a video stream from my Mac or from my iPad. I can watch a YouTube video, say "hey guys, check this out" and have it up on my big screen TV to show my friends in moments. Or I can purchase an iTunes movie or TV show, bring it to a friend's house, and play it on their TV.

    Imagine a future where AirPlay is a ubiquitous standard. You could carry that iPad anywhere and beam your favourite videos to any of your TVs or video displays, without the need for an Apple TV at each one... that would be incredibly cool.

    I'd want an AirPlay-enabled TV in my kitchen, so I could beam it cooking videos or recipe photos or otherwise put up stuff to watch while I'm working.

    Mar 10, 10:06 PM
    http://img852.imageshack.us/img852/5457/theroad.jpg (http://img852.imageshack.us/i/theroad.jpg/)

    Jan 10, 09:16 PM
    I'm running Panther on a G5 with multiple user accounts. When my wife opens a PDF document from the web it automatically gets saved to her desktop. Her desktop is getting just a tad crowded. I've tried searching "help" in acrobat reader (latest version) but for the life of me can't find anything that would automatically save to her desktop. BTW, when she does click on a PDF doc the screen that comes up defaults to "open" with and not "save". We are using Mozilla as our browser if that makes any difference. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

    Nov 18, 09:38 AM
    What the Shite was I doing when I was 17 ...

    Great going for this kid!

    i wasn't pimping electronics for 130 large that's for sure. i think i was trying to get to second base.

    Jun 22, 09:18 AM
    Wow � sounds like USB 1.0 speeds. Here comes the past!That's guaranteed write speed. Peek speeds are higher, much higher.

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