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  • dwhittington
    Mar 26, 04:31 PM
    After all the posts on Apple v. Google, this should really be pg. 1 news...

    Mod Parent Up!

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  • jdczar
    Mar 10, 09:11 AM
    I will be at the Fort Worth store too im not expecting a crowd

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  • TheMacBookPro
    Apr 21, 08:59 AM
    Just having beat Portal 2 on my 11" MBA with a 1.6ghz core 2 duo and the 320m, playing it on max settings, native resolution at ~40fps was GREAT.

    This isn't possible on the Intel graphics, it'd tip just below smoothly playable at these settings. The CPU is barely a bottleneck, seriously. What other 11" device can run a modern game maxed out?! Thank god for the Source engine, and for Apple's 320M+C2D choice.

    M11x ;) Still love my R2.

    Air is better in many other ways though.

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 19, 03:44 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2010/03/19/apple-offering-discounted-ipad-10-packs-to-educational-institutions/)



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  • OllyW
    Mar 12, 01:22 PM
    US made bikes? HA. good luck - there are like 3 main manufacturers all over seas that put out most frames (Giant is a big one.) - past that SRAM and Shimano are going to be your group (i think SRAM still has some US plants). Wheels will be easier to find but hubs/rims - not so much.

    There are some great US made bikes out there. Look away from the big manufacturers and make sure you've got lots of cash to spare...



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  • matthewroth
    Sep 1, 05:15 AM
    how do they release the preview to developers and not let loose the super secret features? are all the super secret features all applications which don't need testing?

    or will there be another round of betas?:confused: :confused: :confused:

    My bet is that the GUI will be tested in the labs, there will be a few more apps put to the Dev's but not for a while yet. Apple want them to get board of spaces so they can put more atention on to the newer (SUPER SECRET) apps.

    to be frank, the GUI will not be put out on any beta. this is the one thing apple dont want those pencil pushing theifs at redmond to see as it will no doubt work its way into there next relese (microsoft 2012?)


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  • long haircuts for round faces

  • lolnick
    Mar 11, 05:59 PM
    I got 2 white ipads 16gig wifis at northpark. I was roughtly 50ish in line. They have a lower than expected inventory because of the temp store in austin took some of their ipad shipments.

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  • tech4all
    Nov 21, 04:58 PM
    this tech would have worked great in a powerbook G5......

    I know really. I could see the tagline now:

    The new PowerBook G5. Power cords are a thing of the past.

    Yea, kinda cheesy, but you get the idea. :)


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  • Kilamite
    Jan 7, 05:39 PM
    What are people mainly using the Push for? I certainly wouldn't want to be updated every time one of my friends posts on Facebook... I know there are different settings - just wondering what kind of updates people use this for.

    You don't get notified everytime one of your friends posts on Facebook. You get notified everytime someone posts something to you though.

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  • alphaod
    May 3, 12:13 PM
    I just measured my iPhone 4 in black and white.

    The white one is 9.0mm.

    The black one is 9.3mm.



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  • vie
    May 1, 11:55 AM
    My father bought our Mac a few months ago, and I've been running Elements since. I've never had a problem with it until last week.

    I would have a file open, and suddenly, Photoshop would quit and give me the "quit unexpectedly" dialog box.

    It isn't foce closing on a specific action--it would be anything. If I wasn't using Photoshop but it was open, it would force quit when I went to a different page. If it was open and I was using a filter, it would force quit.

    Photoshop would start up and make it to the editor, but from there, it would be unpredictable.

    My father and I have trashed all the preference folders and uninstalled Photoshop, but that didn't help.

    We have an iMac running Intel Core i3.

    I have attached a copy of the crash report we receive after it force closing.

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  • BornAgainMac
    Oct 6, 11:17 AM
    I vote for a iPhone shuffle you clip to your chest. When you receive a call, you just tap it to answer and it goes on speaker. When you want to make a copy, you tap it and with voice commands you can call someone from your call list. I saw a prototype used on a famous TV sci-fi series and it seemed to work really well.

    Another idea is the tricorder iPhone series that is 7 inches and you can cram additional capabilities and include a strap to place around your shoulder. It could be light enough to hold with one hand and have the other hand free for a weapon.


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  • jbcaro
    Mar 13, 10:55 AM
    Get rid of DST. Not needed anymore. Problem solved.

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  • Bangs, Long Hair Round

  • jose fuertes s.
    Oct 19, 12:04 PM
    ummm an iPhone, but what it will make this thing special, Design?, Os?, well one thing is for sure, Apple design things that are really kickin ass, iMacs, iPods, an such things. The OS, well it will be like the iPod OS (but definitely much better) on this iPhone, i dont think apple will put and minimal version of OS X on this iPhone... or could they?


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  • Karpfish
    Sep 29, 02:28 PM
    i downloaded 10.4.8 and it wouldnt boot! i got a dark grey screen instead of the blue appple screen. Then i did it again but reset pram. then it just sat at the apple screen loading for a few minutes, so i restarted. Same thing, but it reset by itself, o then the 3rd time i let it stay and it worked. i hope it ends up being ok. I only downloaded it because i was hoping for apertre 1.5, but of course its nto out yet

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  • ob81
    Nov 5, 07:36 PM
    Hong Kong, Japan & a few other countries have been using technology like this for a while. Hopefully it'll start being mainstream in Western countries soon.

    Hong Kong uses a SMART type card for everything, transport, vending machines, etc etc.

    Japan uses their mobile phones, AFAIK :P

    Yeah, it is so wide spread in Japan that you can use it at little corner shops these days. Great technology.


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  • bommai
    Mar 25, 12:50 AM
    Bought one, but already have a 16GB iPad 2. Do I really need one more?

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  • GSMiller
    Jun 17, 02:17 PM
    The Xbox 360-2 looks a lot better than the new PS3, although I would rather it have a matte finish so as not to show fingerprints or dust as easily. That being said, the Xbox 360 should have came with wi-fi built in from the get go and not been an add on $80 option. I moved my Elite from the living room to my bedroom just so I could connect it to my AEBS and not have to spend a pretty penny doing it.

    "...Priced at $299 (same as the current "Elite", so expect price drops on the older ones)..."

    Probably not...Remember how Sony didn't lower the sale price of the original PS3 when the refreshed model came out--even though it was higher?

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  • MacRS4
    May 2, 06:16 PM
    Well, for what it's worth, my white iPhone 4 fits the Mophie battery pack exactly the same as my black one does. Can't see any difference either. Well, except one is white.

    May 5, 05:28 PM
    I like how Microsoft thinks the 11" MacBook Air is a netbook ;)

    They're not the only ones ;)

    May 3, 10:16 AM
    No privatization of UHC but some periphery changes. Conservatives are closet anti-abortionists so things can and will get weird. Damn liberals gave them a majority. :mad:

    I'd much rather the NDP were in charge but ideally all three major parties need to be more centrist, IMO.

    Worst case scenario I was hoping for a Harper minority and an NDP official opposition so that they could balance each other out :D

    Mar 25, 09:52 AM
    Kodak, just admit that you royally screwed up and missed the boat when the world went digital, don't try to suck money from the winners by suing them. Why not get the money from customers instead by making products that people actually want to buy.

    Mar 28, 08:38 AM

    iOS 5.0: no more icon based.
    I'd say keep wishing.

    May 2, 12:03 PM
    Where is everyone getting a key for this?:confused:

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