Memories from Hawaii

Aloha!As  I said recently-I can't wait Summer!I miss sun,beach,ocean or sea,doesn't matter..I'm tired of this weather,especially rainy weather like now..Two and a half years ago,I was living on Oahu-Hawaii..It probably was the best time in my life.This island is real paradise ..Every day I was going on beautiful Waikiki beach ,which was 5 minutes from our condo.We was living on Kuhio Avenue,and everything was so close to us.If we was sometimes bored from Waikiki,then we was spending all our free time in Ala Moana shopping center.I could never get enough of shopping and that mall is just perfect.I miss everything from Hawaii so much,I miss that easy and relax lifestyle,beautiful weather,food.. and I hope that I will come back there very soon,at least for some short visit..
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