Would You Wear These Trends?

Sequined Black Minis
We all know that there is whole army of stylists,make up artists,hair stylists and others who's taking care of celebs.Some of them looking great 24/7,but others..well,just not so good.We trying to copycat most of them,but do we really love their style and clothes or we just want to look like them although we don't like it actually?What do you think about these celebs,would you wear these trends?
White Lace Dresses
Turtleneck Dresses
Sheer Black Overlays
Emerald Green Dresses
Gold Sequined Skirts
Fringed Shoes
Grey Wool Blazers
Electric Blue Pumps
Belted Frocks
Black Lace Dresses
Leopard Booties
Lace-Up Boots
Fuzzy Black Coats
Leopard Print Totes
White Dresses
Wild Print Dresses
Quilted Leather Jackets
Toggle Coats
Twisted Dresses
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